Passion, Purpose, and the Power of Positive Change
Life in 2019 is crazy busy. Even when we're able to detach from our devices, there's endless to-do: food shopping. Laundry. After-school activities for the kids. Quality time with our partner. And let's not forget exercise!
Living more sustainably is part of our life ethic. But who has time to research the cleanest, greenest products out there?
We do. From makeup to deodorant, groceries to lingerie, eco bedding to eco baby sleepers, edible drinking straws to a calming coffee alternative, Greenhaus has sourced eight innovators who are pioneering sustainable living products that support both people and planet.

Each of them starts with a story.
The Last Straw

Plastic straws may not seem like a major contributor to landfills. Yet in the UK alone, we throw away an estimated 4.7 billion plastic straws annually. Ouch.

Stateside, California moved to ban plastic straws late last year, which prompted this spoof reminiscent of Prohibition.

But Maxim Gelmann, founder of Stroodles, had a better idea: sustainable straws that serve their intended purpose — and can become dinner when you've finished your drink.

Made from durum wheat semolina and water, Stroodles are about as environmentally friendly and zero waste as a straw can be: ideal for juices, cocktails and cold drinks (they don't affect flavor), and, if you choose not to transform your straws into pasta afterwards, they'll biodegrade overnight. Even paper straws take one-two months to decompose, and using them desecrates trees.
Hand-selected from Italy, Stroodles are manually sorted to maintain uniformity and visual appeal. Any straws that don't meet the Stroodle standard find their way to food charities, which then prepare and serve them. A portion of all monthly sales goes to groups that are helping to clean plastic from our oceans and landfills.

This is the last straw you'll ever need. You can even order branded Stroodles for your next event. Clearly, tech wizard Gellman has Maxim-ized his purpose.

Bulk Up

Consider a different kind of "bodybuilding": natural foods that fill you with health and keep landfills lean.

BulkMarket co-creators Ingrid Caldironi and Bruna Martins are zero waste mavens, committed to making grocery shopping a refilling experience. It's the ultimate BYO.

Shoppers simply bring clean, sterilized mason jars or other eco containers (ideally not plastic!) to the store, or buy a reusable container at Bulk Market. Their team weighs and notates the container weight, to subtract it from the purchase cost.

Then you bulk up. From grains to greens, juices to oils, breads to chocolates, personal care to pet food, Bulk Market has everything you need to dispense with disposables. Bonus: it's 97% organic.

You can also bring your kitchen caddy or garden waste to be composted at Bulk Market. In true community fashion, once the compost is ready to use, you're welcome to come pick it up in any quantity, free of charge. How cool is that? Bulk Market is also an official TerraCycle drop-off point for hard-to-recycle waste.

Being sustainable has never been so easy, or so delicious.

No Sweat

Ads for sports drinks or activewear typically show super-fit folks after an intense workout. But they never mention sweat — because they're not selling deodorant. It's a given you've got that handled.

Until you don't.

Tonya O'Hara found her aluminum antiperspirant created underarm eczema, adding injury to insult. She couldn't find a deodorant that kept her odor-free without damaging her health. So like all good makers, she decided to develop her own.

Cacao Pow Deo Bar is a cacao butter and mineral formulation that uses certified organic, vegan, raw cacao butter, ethically sourced from a Peruvian farming cooperative. The minerals are highest grade. Despite the name, the product is fragrance-free, so your body won't give off a chocolate scent.

Cacao Pow comes in a recyclable glass jar — Tonya even uses eco tape, made with solvent-free adhesive.

This bar-in-a-jar might be the most sustainable cacao product you ever buy. And ease of use? It's no sweat.

I Got You, Babe

Few products are as toxic as what we give to and use on our kids. From microplastics in pacifiers to synthetic sleepers, PVC-lined pram covers to formaldehyde-filled toys, growing up in the 21st century is much more potentially health-damaging than it was just a few generations ago.

That's why Little Earth Baby is committed to making natural, non-toxic, biodegradable baby products.

Founder Emma Biano suffered from unexplained allergies and other health concerns for years. Once she became a mother, her focus turned to researching what parents need to know to raise healthy children in a toxic world.

Little Earth Baby bamboo sleeping bags, comforters, and natural teething toys are not only adorable and functional, they're also certified organic, packaged in formaldehyde-free, biodegradable cotton bags — and each purchase helps clean our oceans.

Chari-Tea Begins At Home

Being over-caffeinated can make a monkey out of anybody. Yet most people start their day with coffee. So Dean Legg reimagined what our global go-to drink might be.

In 2012, he discovered matcha at a staff training event. The green tea beverage gave him energy without side effects. He was hooked, in the entrepreneurial sense.

Today, PureChimp offers an array of matcha-related products, from metabolism-boosting Matcha Green Tea (loaded with antioxidants, not anxiety!) and matcha accessories, to a natural skin care line that includes facial cleansers, soap, shampoo, and body oil.

Oh, about the name? PureChimp is a chari-tea: five percent of profits go to Save the Chimps. Pure Chimp is also a member of 1% for the Planet. They ship all products in environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging, and package three-fourths of all products sold online in recycled glass or paper.

Now you can skip the coffee and stay serene, with matcha green tea. PureChimp's Japanese matcha is as green as it gets.

Put A Good Face On It

If you're used to simply picking the brand of make-up you like off the shelf (or clicking it into a digital cart), thinking about whether your make-up is sustainable might be a stretch. At first.

But maybe those "allergy" symptoms you get when you stroke on mascara or dab on concealer are actually a reaction to the products you've been using for years. We live in a chemical-laden world, so it's crucial to know how to take care of our skin and all-important eyes — which begins by choosing safer facial care and make-up products.

David Reccole, founder of ZAO, gets it. David weds the ethos of Zen Buddhism and Taoism, both of which respect nature. The result is ZAO, a brand with a sustainable, organic philosophy that outdistances conventional cosmetics by a country mile.

Certified organic by Ecocert, ZAO is petrochemical- and preservative free. Instead, David uses elegant, sustainable bamboo in his formulations and packaging. Bamboo is known for its high level of silica, which supports skin elasticity. And its exceptional rate of growth makes bamboo a champion of carbon capture during its life cycle.

Now it's easy to be beautiful, sustainable, and even zero waste, because most ZAO products are also refillable — which allows you to rotate shades for seasonal versatility.

Underneath It All

Eco-aware college friends Mathilde and Clementine searched throughout France (and in Germany, where they were exchange students) for pretty green lingerie, "green" being the operative word.

When they couldn't find anything that met their high standards, they conceived Olly, now a certified GOTS business: Global Organic Textile Standard.

Ecological, ethical, healthy, and, of course, très jolie, Olly lingerie is environmentally conscious underwear. In addition to the organic cotton GOTS, Olly lingerie is made with non-toxic dyes, and manufactured in Europe to reduce its carbon footprint.

Packaged in recycled cardboard, Olly is comfortable, sustainable, and elegant, with the je ne sais quoi that makes everything the French do somehow special.

Each of these businesses is innovative, honest, principled, friendly, and fun. They make it easy to live sustainably, helping to create a healthier future for us all.

We invite you to choose at least one pioneering product, and let us know how it positively impacts your life.
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